Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The many disguises of Halloween or Halloween around the World

Halloween is celebrated in the Western Hemisphere the most, but there are other parts of the world were cultures celebrate Halloween or festivals honoring the departed. 

Check out the Halloween: Around the World website for a quick cover of the most popular festivals.

Many know of the ancient Celts and their celebration of Samhain, but the ancient Romans also had a celebration of the dead called Lemuria. 

Honoring our ancestors, those who have passed before us, seems to be an innate human need.  For some it is a time of spooky, scary celebration, for some a time of honor and remebrance, for others a time to recognize the eternity of the spirit passing the veil to a new world, however you celebrate Halloween, Samhain, Day of the Dead, Teng Chieh or any others your are carrying on a deep seated human tradition that is iconic to all of us.  




  1. Excellent post and very nice job on the blog design. I meet more and more people who feel that Halloween (or Day of the Dead, Samhain) are their most treasured holiday. I used to think I was in the minority, but I'm discovering that there actually is more of "us," than "them." Which is great news!

    Wishing you greetings from one of the newest members of the Etsy Halloween 24/7 team.

  2. Awesome blog! Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year! Have a great season, till Halloween comes back around :)