Sunday, September 23, 2012

Halloween 24/7 Team Interview 6: Janis

Hello, hello all you Halloween ghouls out there.  I hope you are getting as excited for Halloween/Samhain as I am.  Nothing compares to the harvest time of year when the veil thins, ghosts come out to play, and adults let their inner trickster peek out and celebrate. 

Today we are interviewing our fearless leader Janis of jansbeads.  I'm sure you've seen Janis around in various BNRs and BNSs and making wonderful treasuries.  Read and enjoy her interview and check out her adorably spooky shop :)

1. Why Halloween/Samhain?
On a basic level what kid does not love to dress up, get candy, and stay up real late? To add the facts of picking and carving your pumpkin, sharing ghost stories, and welcoming in all of the mystical of your life. Halloween is just the perfect holiday
Black Skull Rosary    Gravestone Magnet

2. Your inspiration:
The original DARK SHADOWS pushed me over the top. How fantastic Vampires and witches and historical mysteries every day after school. Milk and cookies and Barnabas Collins.
Vampire Necklace

3. What color makes you want to create and why?
Red. For me it is the color of passion, life, loss, but mostly real inspiration. Red dares you to move, and move fast, to catch up, to create, and to share.
Skull Rose Earrings

4. Spooky, Creepy, or Cutesy?
Well, a combination of spooky and cute. I love the scary stuff but really like to see it reinterpreted into sweet and cute. Just to soften the blow.
Devil Girl Earrings    Black Cat Earrings   

5. Lestat or Edward Cullen?
Vampires, for sure. Being alive and beautiful forever, great stuff. However, that does not make a lot of sense with my like of spooky cute.
Katrina Coffin Purse 

6. Do you have a favorite Halloween/Samhain tradition?
I love the art and images of Halloween and the fall season. However, growing up in Los Angeles those images have combined for me with the bright colors of Calaveras and
Day of the Dead Altars.
Sugar Skull Cuff Bracelet    Skull Charm Bracelet

 7. Trick or Treat? Why?
Treat, OK, no fooling around, just put the chocolate in the bag
Gothic Cameo Earrings
8. Interesting tidbit about yourself.

 Suddenly I was a retired law Librarian really needing something to do. I started making holiday jewelry, when I reached Halloween and the Day of the Dead holidays I realized I had found my passion. I started collecting little bone skulls and now I have thousands of them all around the house! Today I maintain a passionate, life, and year long love affair with all things All Saints Day.
Vintage Skeleton Earrings    Sacred Heart Cuff Bracelet

I just love Janis's Day of the Dead jewelry and her rosaries are simply divine.  Janis has a store truely dedicated to the Halloween spirit which she celebrates all year long. 

Till next time darlings.  May you all remain screamingly happy......

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Halloween 24/7 Team Interview 5: Steaphanie

Hello you dark darlings! How is your week going?  Horribly fangtastic I hope.  Today I bring you the treat of an interview with team leader Stephanie of StephaniePayan jewelry.  Step up and check out Stephanie's very unique jewelry while you share in her interview.

1. Why Halloween/Samhain?
By far one of my favorite days of the year. I love dressing up and the darkness of it all. Its a fun day to embrace what scares you. Weither I am out and about causing havoc or at home watching scary movies I always manage to have a good time!
I also embrace my Mexican heritage and love day of the dead. The vibrant colors and celebrating those we have lost.
Red Skull Earrings  

2. Your inspiration:
I am a person with a wide variety of interests and am literally all over the place. I don't have one paticular thing that inspires me. If I had one thing to choose it would have to be my mood and energy. I try not to limit myself and make a little bit of everything. I want my creativity to reach everyone!
Wine Glass Charms   Pink Flower Skull Hair Clip

3. What color makes you want to create and why?
 Red and Blue. It really depends on my mood. I notice when I am drawn to red I tend to be a bit more wild and manic. I will create off the top big pieces. Blue keeps me mellow and routine. I will make stuff that is more pattern and repetitive motion oriented.
Blue Heart Stained Glass Pendant   Red Coral Earrings

4. Spooky, Creepy, or Cutesy?
Creepy.... I feel it draws far more of a reaction. good or bad....
Black Skull Bobby Pins

5. Edward Cullen or Frankenstein?
Frankenstein!!! no question!
Red Flower Skull Hair Clip

6. Do you have a favorite Halloween/Samhain tradition?
dressing up in costume. I always make my own :-)

Black Rose Ring

7. Trick or Treat? Why?
Treat, its fun to have an excuse to give.
Copper Wire Wrapped Ring

8. Interesting tidbit about yourself?
I'm a grown up who is afraid of the dark..... Sshhh don't tell anyone ;-)
Black Onyx & Blue Crystal Bracelet   Yellow Swarovski Crystal Necklace

Stop by and say hi to our team leader Stephanie.  Yet another caretaker of our team.  Until the next time my dears, don't run with sharp implements pointed towards you. Point it the other way!!

Coming soon a contest to name our little goth fish!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Halloween 24/7 Team Interview 4: Anika

Ah we meet again my pretties.  Welcome to our continuing interviews.  This week we have the great pleasure of meeting Anika of DragonflyontheMoon where you can find unique gems and jewelry.

1. Why Halloween/Samhain?
It's a fun holiday I think about anyone can relate to. And I just like the moons, witches, cats, bats and all that anyway.
Spider Necklace  

2. Your inspiration:
Anything will do for inspiration. From a song, to a movie or nature and pets. Something I see. Something somebody says.
Celtic Triskelion Necklace

3. What color makes you want to create and why?
Red and it's such a vibrant, wonderful color. Well and black.... :)
Red Bird Steampunk Necklace    Red Wire Wrapped Ring

4. Spooky, Creepy, or Cutesy?
I want to make it spooky and somehow it always happens to come out cutesy. That's life... :)
Steampunk Fly Pendant

5. Dracula or Wolfman?
Dark Moon Necklace

6. Do you have a favorite Halloween/Samhain tradition?
Yes. Candy! And lighting black candles in the evening and decorating. And pumpkin carving. LOL. All my favorites.
Shooting Star Pendant

7. Trick or Treat? Why?
Treat! Can you tell I like sweets?
Flower Pendant

8. Interesting tidbit about yourself?
 I am from Germany originally and became American a little while back.
Love Spell Mini Bottle

Welcome to another team leader! Isn't it great getting to know them and visiting their stores to see how their inspirations translate to beautiful creations?  I hope you enjoyed this installment of Team Leader Interviews and stay safe my pretties! Until we meet again..................