Saturday, September 1, 2012

Halloween 24/7 Team Interview 4: Anika

Ah we meet again my pretties.  Welcome to our continuing interviews.  This week we have the great pleasure of meeting Anika of DragonflyontheMoon where you can find unique gems and jewelry.

1. Why Halloween/Samhain?
It's a fun holiday I think about anyone can relate to. And I just like the moons, witches, cats, bats and all that anyway.
Spider Necklace  

2. Your inspiration:
Anything will do for inspiration. From a song, to a movie or nature and pets. Something I see. Something somebody says.
Celtic Triskelion Necklace

3. What color makes you want to create and why?
Red and it's such a vibrant, wonderful color. Well and black.... :)
Red Bird Steampunk Necklace    Red Wire Wrapped Ring

4. Spooky, Creepy, or Cutesy?
I want to make it spooky and somehow it always happens to come out cutesy. That's life... :)
Steampunk Fly Pendant

5. Dracula or Wolfman?
Dark Moon Necklace

6. Do you have a favorite Halloween/Samhain tradition?
Yes. Candy! And lighting black candles in the evening and decorating. And pumpkin carving. LOL. All my favorites.
Shooting Star Pendant

7. Trick or Treat? Why?
Treat! Can you tell I like sweets?
Flower Pendant

8. Interesting tidbit about yourself?
 I am from Germany originally and became American a little while back.
Love Spell Mini Bottle

Welcome to another team leader! Isn't it great getting to know them and visiting their stores to see how their inspirations translate to beautiful creations?  I hope you enjoyed this installment of Team Leader Interviews and stay safe my pretties! Until we meet again..................

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  1. Love these interviews! It's So nice getting to know everyone, well as good as you can on the Internet!