Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Halloween 24/7 Team Interview 5: Steaphanie

Hello you dark darlings! How is your week going?  Horribly fangtastic I hope.  Today I bring you the treat of an interview with team leader Stephanie of StephaniePayan jewelry.  Step up and check out Stephanie's very unique jewelry while you share in her interview.

1. Why Halloween/Samhain?
By far one of my favorite days of the year. I love dressing up and the darkness of it all. Its a fun day to embrace what scares you. Weither I am out and about causing havoc or at home watching scary movies I always manage to have a good time!
I also embrace my Mexican heritage and love day of the dead. The vibrant colors and celebrating those we have lost.
Red Skull Earrings  

2. Your inspiration:
I am a person with a wide variety of interests and am literally all over the place. I don't have one paticular thing that inspires me. If I had one thing to choose it would have to be my mood and energy. I try not to limit myself and make a little bit of everything. I want my creativity to reach everyone!
Wine Glass Charms   Pink Flower Skull Hair Clip

3. What color makes you want to create and why?
 Red and Blue. It really depends on my mood. I notice when I am drawn to red I tend to be a bit more wild and manic. I will create off the top big pieces. Blue keeps me mellow and routine. I will make stuff that is more pattern and repetitive motion oriented.
Blue Heart Stained Glass Pendant   Red Coral Earrings

4. Spooky, Creepy, or Cutesy?
Creepy.... I feel it draws far more of a reaction. good or bad....
Black Skull Bobby Pins

5. Edward Cullen or Frankenstein?
Frankenstein!!! no question!
Red Flower Skull Hair Clip

6. Do you have a favorite Halloween/Samhain tradition?
dressing up in costume. I always make my own :-)

Black Rose Ring

7. Trick or Treat? Why?
Treat, its fun to have an excuse to give.
Copper Wire Wrapped Ring

8. Interesting tidbit about yourself?
I'm a grown up who is afraid of the dark..... Sshhh don't tell anyone ;-)
Black Onyx & Blue Crystal Bracelet   Yellow Swarovski Crystal Necklace

Stop by and say hi to our team leader Stephanie.  Yet another caretaker of our team.  Until the next time my dears, don't run with sharp implements pointed towards you. Point it the other way!!

Coming soon a contest to name our little goth fish!!