Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Halloween 24/7 Team Interview: Alura

This week I am featuring interviews with your Halloween 24/7 leaders, so we can get to know then all a little better.  After all don't you want to know what drives them to the love of Halloween?  What divine horrors they delight in?  What weird and wonderful things decorate their holiday?

Our first interviewee is Alura, team captain, founder, and owner of Moonspell Crafts.  So without further ado, our interview.

1. Why Halloween/Samhain?
Since I was little I loved Halloween. I'm sure at first it was the candy but it was always a big to do at my house. To this day it reminds me of childhood fun. I've grown into appreciating Halloween as the Celtic New Year, known as Samhain. I feel that it is a special night, when the veil is thin, where we can send messages to those who've gone before us.   Magic is a foot

2. Your inspiration:
My inspiration comes from my husband and cat...a vampire and a black cat to be specific. Can't get better than that. But I also love the vintage Halloween images and games from the late 1800's too.
Vampire Victuals Menu and Recipes  Black Cat Card

3. What color makes you want to create and why?
In creating Halloween items, I use a lot of orange and black, eluding to pumpkins and cats of course! For me those are traditional if not old fashioned colors!   Gift Set Bag & Card, Primitive Greeting Card 

4. Spooky, Creepy, or Cutesy?
For me it's kind of Victorian Folksy really. Maybe cutesy...  Goth & Spooky Journals

5. Lestat or Eric Northman?
Ummmmm Lestat and even more, Louis du Pont du Lac!!   Lestat Live Sign

6. Do you have a favorite Halloween/Samhain tradition? I've always loved giving out treats. Nut as of the last few years I've made a table by the door with candles and pumpkins and a big cauldron! And I sit right there with my cloak and hat on!   Witch with Attitude Sign

7. Trick or Treat? Why? Treat always! I love sweets and nice things!   Vampire Coffee

8. Interesting tidbit about yourself?
  I love classical music and love to eat devil dogs...lol. Antique Music BookMusic Journal

There you have it teammates.  Our first interview.  Get a taste of Alura's Halloween by clicking on the links after each question. 

Until next time when we interview leader Kim of SassySteampunk! May I wish a macabre evening and delicious nightmares.......


  1. Awesome post! Love the interview and getting to know the leaders!

  2. Lovely way to get to know our leaders. The links at the end of each segment are a nice touch too.