Thursday, August 23, 2012

Halloween 24/7 Team interview 2: Kim

Hello again! Our next interview features out steamy leader Kim from SassySteampunk.  Her shop contains some deliciously dark creations along with some marvelous machinations, so continue reading to meet our next Halloween 24/7 team leader. 

1. Why Halloween/Samhain?

Why Halloween/Samhain? I love Halloween..the cats,+ ghosts! BOO!
Bat Necklace Set    Death Note Book Necklace

2.  Your inspiration:

Your inspiration: Full moon, graveyards, + ghosts   Zombie Card
3. What color makes you want to create and why?

What color makes you want to create and why? Black + red my 2 favs Black scares you as you dont know what to expect. Red-the fiery attitude that goes with it,( Im a redhead) When I see red I throw myself full force into my creations
 Vampire Bite Bracelet    Goth Skull Cameo Necklace

4. Spooky, Creepy, or Cutesy? 
Creepy muhaamuhaaa   Bone Bag Necklace

5. Van Helsing or Harry Potter?
Van Helsing I own the movie + watch it at least twice a day for inspiration   One Last Drop Necklace

6. Do you have a favorite Halloween/Samhain tradition? 
I dress up every year as a witch to hand out my treats   Orange Earrings

 7. Trick or Treat? Why? 
Well I love my candy corn but I love to play tricks on unsuspecting roomies or my kids hehe
Crazy Skeleton Card

8. Interesting tidbit about yourself?
I believe I was a gypsy in a past life as I find it hard to stay put in 1 place for long
Greek Theodolite Necklace

So what do you think of our 2nd interviewee.  Isn't she interesting?  I have to wonder where her gypsy yearnings will take her next, maybe Transylvania? Once again mysterious times until we meet again.

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